529 ny pros and cons

529 ny pros and cons

  advantages of using a 529 plan to save for college tax benefits 529 plan investments grow on a tax-deferred basis and distributions are tax-free when used to pay for qualified education expenses , including college tuition and fees, books and supplies, some room and board costs, up to 10,000 in k-12 tuition per year and up to 10,000 in student loan repayment per beneficiary and per sibling.

While there are benefits to using 529 plans as investment vehicles for college funds, there are some significant negatives to consider you must use the money for college if you dont use the money you invest in a 529 savings plan for college tuition, you will be penalized 10 percent when you withdraw the money to use it for something else.

If you dont use the money for a qualified expense when withdrawing it from a 529 plan, then youll be hit with a 10 penalty on what you take out.

  prepaid 529 plans work as the name implies they let you prepay all or a portion of college costs. 529 plans can be a great way to save for college but theyre not for everyone.

  for many parents, a 529 plan is the preferred way to save for college. Total investments in 529 plans topped 328 billion through the first half of 2018, with the average account balance reaching 24,153. 1 among the chief benefits of 529 plans are tax-deferred growth and tax-free withdrawals when savings are used for qualified education expenses.

  new yorks 529 college savings program offers some decent tax protections. New york state single filers can deduct up to 5,000 in annual contributions when calculating their new york state income tax. Married couples filing jointly can deduct up to 10,000 in contributions.

  a special rule available only with 529 plans allows to you accelerate five years worth of annual exclusions into one year. This means that you can put as much as 60,000 (120,000 for a couple) into a 529 plan for each grandchild and stay within your gift-tax annual exclusion.

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529 ny pros and cons

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