Best place for weight on pinewood derby car

Best place for weight on pinewood derby car

  pinewood derby car weight best place for weight for pinewood derby car. Completely stuff the rear hole always! This hole should always have the most amount of pinewood derby car weight. Next, take your scale, and then temporarily place the remaining weight on top of the car body.

(actually this type of weight placement will give the car too much push and will cause your car to fishtail (move side to side) down the flat of the track. Putting the weight on the front, although gets you a slightly quicker start down the curve, does not prove to be the best weight placement for the remaining flat portion of the track.

  placing weights on a pinewood derby car toward the rear of the body is often the only practical place to add weight. The narrow nose section doesnt allow adequate space for weights, especially internally.

Weight at the very back of the car falls a little bit more, because the car starts at a tilt. This means weight at the back would be a very slight bit better, but its small.

When deciding on where to weight your car, you should try to reach a final balance point of the car 1 inch or less in front of the rear axle. To achieve this, place 25 of the added weight behind the rear axle, and the remaining 35 in front of the rear axle. Placing the weight lower on the car also gives greater stability.

  you might take the wheels off and place it on a spare piece of wood. My daughter wanted her pennies mounted on top, but i would put them on the bottom if you want it them out of site. If you need to add a lot of weight, you could add more than one hole. Most people recommend placing the weight toward the back of the car.

  so basically rear weighting the car will not be a problem as long as the track is in good shape and the start pins are perpendicular to the track or angled slightly away from the cars. So if your track is rough and your start pins are angled towards the cars you may want to weight the car more towards the front.

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Best place for weight on pinewood derby car

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