Best tracer crosshair

Best tracer crosshair

  hey everyone! So as you all know, we have a new set of options coming to customize your own crosshair! Heres what i think about what i think of them, as wel.

  saebyeolbe tracer montage - best of saebyeolbesubscribe to help me hit 100k - httpbit.

  surefour (5,400 edpi) a canadian player from cloud9 that got the best hero stats with tracer in the last world championship. Shadowburn (e10,000 edpi) from the cold lands of russia and playing for philadelphia fusion, he mains genji and is one of the best. Ryujehong (1,856 edpi) from seoul dynasty hes one of the best anas in the world.

I think the cross hair update was aimed at csgo players who were used to other cross hairs and more customisation. So if you were content with the old default cross hairs just stick to them.

  this crosshair will work the best for heroes like soldier, orisa, mie, symmetra, etc. In other words, heroes that do not require superior aiming to play.

As a genjitracer, ive found simple dot with bright yellow to work the most consistently, but then i have trouble sometimes on anubis. Like tenthkarma said, circle bloom is decent on 76 until you get used to it, then i would probably use dot or short crosshair.

Cross hair thickness 100 cross hair length 3 cross hair opacity your choice bloom off cross hair gap 29-31 dot opacity 0 at this point you have felt gypped because you.

You can absolutely win the first point in kings row with dvahog, but maybe just sticking to the goodol reinzarya will make your life much easier. There are a lot of synergistic combinations, you just have to look at what your team have and try to make the best of it.

  crosshairs replied to hal26s topic in fj-09 tracer 900 general discussions hal,, im sure you can get the suspension sorted out for less money than you think. For the front all you really need is some springs and maybe a bit thicker oil.

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Best tracer crosshair

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