Bt wrap cash account

Bt wrap cash account

Manage your own cash account and term deposits with competitive interest rates and access to bt margin lending.

The bt cma saver is a cash management account that offers access to the features and functionality of the bt panorama platform, including access to term deposits, and can be held directly by a customer without a panorama investments account. The bt cash management account (bt cma) is the cash hub for your clients panorama investments account.

  as part of our ongoing plans to streamline our offer and provide you with the best possible platform experience, we intend to migrate bt wrap accounts to bt panorama in the coming months.

From the from the wrap and platform global tab, select () setup. Begin typing the fund name into the field and select it from the drop-down list below.

Bt portfolio services ltd abn 73 095 055 208 (btps) operates wrap including wrap essentials (wrap) and administers superwrap including superwrap essentials (superwrap). Bt funds management limited (abn 63 002 916 458, rse l0001090) is the trustee and issuer of superwrap (abn 39 827 542 991, rse r1001327).

Wrap cash account deposits can be made into your wrap account using bpay. You need to include your customer reference number (crn) which is 0101 investor number (excluding the m). For example, if the investor number is m01234567, the crn will be 010101234567.

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Bt wrap cash account

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