Coingeek london agenda

Coingeek london agenda

Coingeek london slipped in just before most countries started locking down but has given its attendees plenty to think about and work on ever since. With 56 speakers over two days and an awe inspiring stage, it was an authoritative vote of confidence in the worldwide bsv ecosystem and a chance to hear about plans and ambitions for the coming years.

  keynote speakers are wall street strategist tom lee and best-selling author & economist george gilder. London january 23, 2020 last held in london in november 2018, the coingeek conference returns to london at the popular old billingsgate venue february 20-21.

Coingeek live 2020 comes to a close after three days of world-class insight into bitcoin sv, digital assets generally and their capacity to change the world.

Coingeek conferences are always jam-packed with insightful talks talks and activities. Heres what you can expect from this bitcoin sv conference agenda.

  coingeek live built on an impressive slate of first-day speakers and panellists with another stellar line-up. Congressman darren soto gave a speech on the potential tension between innovation and regulation and how he, as a lawmaker, approaches the issue.

Coming to you from coingeek london 2020, bitstocks relationship managers, antonio shillingford and james coughlan share their conference highlights. First on the agenda is the buzz created by bitstocks ceo-founder, michael hudson through his presentation on the gravity mission.

Coingeek conferences are renowned for their professionalism and fun.

Cg london 2018 was a call to action for developers and entrepreneurs that gave attendees a new confidence about what could be achieved,. Coingeek london was held in the city londons financial district,.

For 2020, london-based argo blockchain reported increased revenue by 120 to 19.

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Coingeek london agenda

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