Goldrausch the game cheats

Goldrausch the game cheats

  during play, type bird man and the version number will be displayed and several debug commands will be unlocked.

000 gold get 50 oz of gold why buy the game if your going to cheat, doing so takes all the fun out of it, i will never understand why people do this but its your time enjoy i am going to play the way the game was intended to be played.

Anywhere in the game, type one of these words to get the listed effect.

Gold rush the game cheat codes ----- submitted by david k. Anywhere in the game, type one of these words to get the listed effect. Cheat code effect ------------------------------------ money - get 50. 000 gold - get 50 oz of gold shopping list -------------- written by monsted just a quick list of all of the items for sale, to save you the trip to the store to check them.

How do i use the cheats in gold rush the game? Wemod will safely display all of the games on your pc.

Numpad 1 add gold numpad 2 add cash numpad 3 infinite health numpad 4 super speed numpad 5 super jump numpad 6 infinite fuel numpad 7 freeze mission timer. Instructions while playing pause the game and press the key f1.

Our gold rush the game 16 trainer is now available for version 1. These gold rush the game cheats are designed to enhance your experience with the game.

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Goldrausch the game cheats

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