Hanway raw 50 caferacer

Hanway raw 50 caferacer

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Nl is the online webshop of coos matser, the honda 4-stroke specialist of the netherlands. We are specialized in honda 4-stroke mopeds and light motorbikes. Also the place to go for skyteam, agm, hanway and mash! In our store at businesspark marslanden g in zwolle we have a great selection of new and used bikes. Also we have our warehouse with atleast 3000 products on stock.

Suitable for a 50cc skyteam classic, hanway raw 50 and agm caferacer. This set consists of - did chain (good japanese quality!) - front sprocket 13. Note not suitable for skyteam rocket and agm luxury! This sprocket fits locking plate type 3 (1040080064).

With this drive-train, the hanway raw 50 is capable of reaching a maximum top speed of 45. On the topic of chassis characteristics, responsible for road holding, handling behavior and ride comfort, the hanway raw 50 has a frame with front suspension being telescopic forks and at the rear, it is equipped with telescopic coil spring, oil damped.

  caferacer raw 50 electrical caferacer raw 50 elektra caferacer raw 50 schema caferacer raw 50 wiring diagram overview history. Leave a rating agm caferacer 50raw50 schema wiring diagram. Author arkac downloads 13 views 716 first release last update .

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Hanway raw 50 caferacer

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