Heritage bank foreign exchange

Heritage bank foreign exchange

Find out what the current foreign exchange rates are and how to conveniently send money overseas online.

In partnership with travelex, one of the worlds leading foreign exchange specialists, heritage bank offers you an extensive range of foreign cash. Travelex supplies foreign cash in more than 50 currencies, and for added convenience a choice of denominations is available for most currencies.

Foreign exchange (fx) trading involves buying and selling foreign currencies against u. Dollars or buying and selling one foreign currency against another. Heritage bank has experienced and trained fx dealers ready and able to assist your foreign exchange needs. Our correspondents worldwide offer favorable exchange rates for the benefit of our clients.

Heritage bank and wubs do not charge fees on incoming international payments. For incoming international payments, wubs processes over 25 currencies fee-free however some exotic or other currencies may attract fees.

Heritage bank is thus dedicated to preparing customized packages that meet the needs of individual businesses. Real time transactions processed online or through digicell sms bundles via computer or cell phone.

Get the latest stock market, foreign exchange rates, and business news as they happen in nigeria.

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Heritage bank foreign exchange

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