Hk stock market holidays

Hk stock market holidays

The hong kong stock exchange is closed thirteen days and has three partial trading days in 2021. We can provide holiday data for the hong kong stock exchange for all years from 2016 to 2023.

(monday) bank holiday in both the united kingdom and the united states (monday) bank holiday in both the united kingdom and the united states.

You can find information hong kong and prc public holidays, trading information of hkex products, hkex events and seminars at hkex online calendar. You can also subscribe the calendar via your mobile phone calendar.

  hong kong stock exchange holidays 2020 no date holiday 1 january 1,.

  hong kong stock exchange (hkex) holiday calendar 2021 new years day 01 january lunar new year 1 12 february lunar new year 4 15 february good friday 02 april easter monday 05 april ching ming festival 06 april buddhas birthday 19 may tuen ng day 14 june sar establishment day 01 july day following mid-autumn festival 22 september chinese national.

  holiday schedule for hong kong stock exchange - hkex trading calendar. Securities market is closed on saturdays, sundays and public holidays as specified below.

  what is the next hong kong stock exchange holiday? The next hong kong.

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Hk stock market holidays

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