Hsbc canada currency exchange

Hsbc canada currency exchange

  from dollars and pounds to renminbi and rupees, enjoy one of canadas largest currency selection at your local hsbc bank branch competitive exchange rates consistent, fair rates for all currency exchanges, updated daily.

  the table below shows a sample of hsbcs exchange rates, last updated on 6.

Foreign currency savings accounts this table lists the interest rates for hong kong dollar and renminbi savings accounts.

Hsbc canada pound sterling account (gbp) you can only get a gbp savings account with hsbc canada, which has no minimum balance, and daily calculated interest on balances up to 1 million. Again, there are various fees and charges youll need to take into account to check, if this suits your needs.

Total maximum combined bonuses available of 1,100 if you meet all eligibility requirements for both bonus offers.

  hsbc offers foreign exchange services for a variety of different currencies. At hsbc you also have the option to open a foreign currency savings account available in many of the worlds major currencies.

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Hsbc canada currency exchange

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Hsbc canada currency exchange

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