Ifs optional subjects success rate

Ifs optional subjects success rate

  the success rate of subject-it is one of the most successful subjects in ifsifos examination, with a lot of botanyzoology graduates making it to the final list. The only con of this optional may be, is you have to compete with botanyzoology graduatespgphds.

Two optional subjects have to be selected from the following subjects. Total number of questions in the question papers of optional subjects are eight.

There is no question of an easier optional viz ias vs ifs. The difference is that for cse you choose one optional (scienceartscommerce irrespective), while for ifs you have to choose two science subjects. In fact often the people appearing for both exams keep one subject common (if possible), as it makes things more manageable.

List of optional subjects for ifs exam i) agriculture ii)agricultural engineering iii)animal husbandry & veterinary science iv)botany v)chemistry vi) chemical engineering vii) civil engineering viii) forestry ix)geology x)mathematics xi)mechanical engineering xii) physics xiii) statistics xiv) zoology.

Which optional subject is easy for upsc cse and ifs? If you are aspiring for upsc ifs, the optional subject preferring trend may change. You can go for an optional issue in which you have deep knowledge. Even the success rate in these subjects of upsc mains is relatively higher.

  read on to know which optional subjects have the highest success rate in.

However, in the ias mains exam, candidates have to choose an optional subject (2 papers, total 500 marks) and selecting the best optional subject can be the difference between success and failure. Read on to know which optional subjects have the highest success rate in ias exam and whether a candidate should select herhis optional subject based on trends.

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Ifs optional subjects success rate

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Ifs optional subjects success rate

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