Is the flea flicker in madden 17

Is the flea flicker in madden 17

I was playing solo challenges (madden 17) and the cpu (using the indy offensive pb), ran a flea flicker against me. In trying to make my own customized pb later, i wanted to include the play but cant find it anywhere.

Tecmo super bowl also had flea flickers and reverses, if i remember right.

Madden 17 playbook with trick plays (flea flicker, halfback pass, ect. ) i am looking for a playbook to have fun with the plays mentioned above. It would be helpful if you could leave the formation in as well as the playbook itself.

  make sure you like and sub and ill see yo guys next time.

  depends on your definition of trick play, some people considered playaction passes a trick play for a while. There are things like wildcat, madden used to have the flea flicker. I consider a trick play as fooling my opponent, so anything that you run that will confuse your opponent on where your throwing the ball is a trick play in my opinion.

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Video proof as cool as it is it didnt appear to work even remotely like it should. Usually the flea flicker results in a deep pass to a hopefully wide open receiver.

  also curious as to why is flea flicker isnt in the game? I get that its kind of a cheese play for online and cfm, but it would be nice for offline use against the.

Ive been through all the plays and im sad to say theres no flea flicker plays in madden 18, hoped there would be. I dont know why they added it in madden 16 then got rid of it.

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Is the flea flicker in madden 17

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