Kplc paybill no

Kplc paybill no

, enter kplcs lipa na m-pesa paybill number 888880 and press ok.

The kplc paybill number for prepaid customers is 888880 while the paybill number for postpaid customers is 888888. Use these business numbers for buying tokens through the m-pesa or paying your postpaid electricity bill. If youre unable to use mpesa, try paying via airtel money or equitel.

  this is the procedure to follow to use your mobile phone and kplc paybill number to pay kplc bill. Kenya power and lighting companys customers can use the 888880 kplc paybill number to buy electricity tokens for their prepaid kplc meters.

  if you want to make a payment, then the official kplc paybill number is 888880. Because kenya power has several other vendors, you can use any of the paybill no for any of the vendors for payment. Meaning that you can enter the kplc business number 888880 for all transactions.

  go to safaricom sim tool kit, select m-pesa menu, select lipa na m-pesa. , enter kplcs lipa na m-pesa paybill number 888880 and press ok.

  yes, 888880 is not the only paybill number you may use to pay for your prepaid kplc account. If you run into a problem with it, the other kplc paybill number for tokens you can use is 501200.

  kenya power (kplc) m-pesa paybill number for postpaid bill payments is 888888. Kenya power owns and operates most of the electricity transmission and distribution system in kenya and sells electricity to over 6,761,090 million by end of june 2018.

  pawa is a simple, fast, and secure way of purchasing kplc tokens either through paybill or whatsapp as outlined in the steps below. Go to m-pesa, select lipa na m-pesa, select pay bill, enter business no.

How to buy kenya power (kplc) prepaid tokens via m-pesa paybill number 888880.

  other than the walk-ins, one can also use lexco one ussd code, 855 to okoa stima, or buy them through equity bank with the kplc bill numbers. Using pay bill numbers is much easier, and for that, there are other pay bill numbers apart from the kplcs, which include dynamos (800904), radix (800850), and psdl (501200).

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Kplc paybill no

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