Ngs super fees

Ngs super fees

Gene expression profiling, chromosome counting, epigenetic changes, & molecular analysis. Fast and accurate next-generation sequencing results enabled by ion torrent technology.

This section shows fees and other costs that you may be charged. These fees and costs may be deducted from your money, from the returns on your investment or from the assets of ngs super as a whole.

Fees, costs and tax 1 this document forms part of the product disclosure statement dated fact sheet 6 gs super is run only to benefit members. You dont always see the fees, costs and taxes coming out of your super.

We are the leading industry superfund for those in non-government education and community organisations but our low fees, award-winning insurance and strong investment returns are available to australians from all walks of life. Were run only to benefit our members and take pride in providing them with access to genuine support,.

For every 50,000 you held with a retail super fund for the last five years, ngs could have earned you an extra. There are many different ways you could spend that 5,000 - choosing the super fund that could earn you more is the first step to enjoying extra in retirement.

Ngs super is an australian super fund, run only to benefit members, with low fees and no commissions.

  fees for ngs members in the srd option will also be increasing slightly from april 1. 10 of members account balances will remain the same but the investment fee of 0.

The table above shows the total fee cost per year to have a super account with ngs super. Compare these fees to the average super fund fees on our database, as its important not to let your super be eaten away by fees before you retire.

  fees are competitive and lower than the industry average across all account balances assessed, with the asset-based administration fee capped at 500 pa.

Gene expression profiling, chromosome counting, epigenetic changes, & molecular analysis. Fast and accurate next-generation sequencing results enabled by ion torrent technology.

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Ngs super fees

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