Pcie speed mining

Pcie speed mining

So consequently, the hashrate dropped for pcie gen 1 and pcie gen 2 was required to use. X1 slots maximum speed on gen 2 is 500 mbs bandwidth, which is more appropriate for eth mining. Then you also have pcie gen 3 and gen 4, which are currently unnecessary until pcie resize bar support will be more common and not dedicated only for ryzen motherboard.

Ive never mined and i dont know much about it, but pcie bandwith definitley has a noticeable effect on gaming and synthetic benchmarks , so i am fairly sure you will notice a difference in mining.

  to expand upon this a little more, you only need 1 pcie 1.

So now you can see that pcie riser cards are an almost perfect solution for mining rigs. It allows optimal use of existing hardware, and allows the gpus to be cooled easily. One additional benefit of this design is that fans can spin at slower speeds allowing for an overall quieter mining rig.

To make the mining experience hassle-free i have picked two best-selling pcie risers from amazon.

  this makes extensions simple and relatively cheap to make. These extensions are called pci risers, and they plug into the 1x or 16x or 8x pci-e slots and allow you to move your gpus away from the motherboard and apart from each other for optimal cooling. When determining the best motherboard for mining, dont just count the pci-e 16x slots, count.

Ensure the boot priority is set correctly - storage device containing hive as 1. (optional) restore ac power loss (power on) for asus b250 mining expert, pcie link speed needs to be set in two different places advancedpch configurationpci express configuration - pcie speed - gen 2.

Make sure you deactivate all your antivirus programs, including windows defenders live scanning feature. All antivirus programs detect mining applications as viruses and delete files from them, causing them to malfunction. This is called a false positive, a miner doesnt cause any harm.

If you have got unused x1 pcie slots, youll use open-back risersto work x16 cards within the slots.

Tldr download gpu-z and check if your pci-e speed is what it is supposed to be httpsi. Ive changed my thermal compound exact the same day, when the patch rolled out.

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Pcie speed mining

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