R2b coin value

R2b coin value

Number 5 will get a 10 bonus of the total amount of r2b coins they have. Number 4 will get a 20 bonus of the total amount of r2b coins they have.

It is time to give r2b a proper boost, both in value and in momentum. Remember, the more momentum we have at trade-start, the more value the r2b coins will have. In the period, up to the trade-start of the r2b coin, we give you 2 packages for 1. If you buy one package, we will gift you one extra at no additional cost.

  r2b coin sets the price of r2b, they position the value according to the number of coins bought by the company, this can go up to 188 usd. The internal value of r2b is not disclosed to the general public. R2b coins idea is that their affiliates invest in r2b, after some time, the token should increase its value.

  r2b coins are set with an internal value, which is based on the considered value rising per set number of new coins bought from the company (up to an amount of 188). The current internal value of r2b remains undisclosed by the company.

The r2b coins being offered are not tradable on the public market, and they come with an initial cost of 0. The idea is that this value will go up as more affiliates buy the coins, so getting in on the ground floor is ideal.

  r2b are pre-generated points sold to r2b coin affiliates at an initial cost of 0. R2b coin themselves set the internal value of r2b, based on the value rising per set number of new r2b coins purchased from the company (up to 188). The current internal value of r2b is not publicly disclosed on the r2b coin website.

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R2b coin value

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R2b coin value

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