Sizzle index tos

Sizzle index tos

  the sizzle index is the ratio of an underlyings volumeimplied volatility for the current day against the simple average of the prior five days. Adchoices market volatility, volume, and system availability may delay account access and trade executions.

  so, i was navigating tos and i noticed the following the sizzle index. For those who arent familiar with it , it shows the daily total callsputs versus the average of the last five days callsputs. So if the sizzle index is over 1 it means that there are more contracts today comparing to the average of the last five days.

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Sizzle index is a thinkorswim feature that allows you to find stock symbols that currently see an increase in the number of options traded compared to the last five days average.

  what is sizzle index? The sizzle index is the current volume of all options for the underlying product divided by the average of the total volume of options in the past 5 trading days. In other words, if the value of the sizzle index is bigger than one, the total option volume on the underlying product today is higher than the average of the last 5 days.

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Sizzle index tos

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