Sky factory 3 automation guide

Sky factory 3 automation guide

  today in our sky factory, we move to an automated system to handle our ores for sieving and smelting as well as one that produces the many different material.

  with our now fully automated power source, we can automate the sieving. Craft an auto sieve and place it next to the stirling generator. Put in a diamond mesh and start sieving some dust for redstone.

Good non-video beginners guide for skyfactory 3? Hey, im new to skyfactory and im pretty dumb. Just wondering if there are any good guideswalk-throughs out there that arent long ass videos.

The users around the outside right click to harvest, the user above the middle waters the crops and the hopper above collects the drops and puts them into a drawer.

Now, you have to take a dust block, and put it in the crucible or in the barrel, and it becomes clay! You will need around 3 clay blocks. Now, take seven bone meal and seven clay pieces, and put them into a crafting table.

Endoflame is the best mana generating flower and easy to automate. Make a charcoal farm and some coke ovens for coal coke if u want it to last longer. Botania is a really good way to start up as u can get some quality of life things early on.

Technically thats not automated, but its fairly quick and easy and will cover all of your dirt-placing needs. You can fully automate it (livingwood avatar, block breaker of some sort, and a mana supply) if you want to stockpile dirt as an item, but i havent really seen a need for that.

Now this is all the automation needed to craft resources that dont need to be smelted such as sand but with metal resources a furnace is needed. So in order to set up the creation of iron amber into iron ingots i simply attached a furnace with an export cable set to export wood into the furnace and a processing cable with the recipe for iron amber into an iron ingot.

You add organic materials into it and wait for it to dry until it turns to dirt.

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Sky factory 3 automation guide

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