Standard vs mid index single vision

Standard vs mid index single vision

Zenni offers several different lens index options from thickest to thinnest.

60 can be, often for marketing purposes, referred to as high-index. Likewise, trivex and other borderline normalmid-index materials may be referred to as mid-index.

Lens index is a number that describes how thick or thin your lenses are. Higher prescriptions require higher index lenses, while lower prescriptions require lower index lenses.

Choosing the right prescription lenses for your eyeglasses will not only help you see more clearly, but will also ensure that your lenses are as thin and light as possible.

Whereas bifocal lenses have a distinct line in the lens where the two prescriptions vary the upper part is to correct distance vision and the lower part is to correct close vision. Bifocal lenses are suitable for people with presbyopia (typically over 40) who need a separate prescription for reading.

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Standard vs mid index single vision

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