Where can you find wolframite in astroneer

Where can you find wolframite in astroneer

Wolframite is a cluster of cubes, similar to real world bismuth, with a green-yellow gradient. 1 source 2 uses 3 trivia 4 media wolframite can be found on the following planets the trade platform gives 2 wolframite for every 3 scrap, up to 4 total.

X releases is that the secondary resource of each planet is mostly found on the surface, while the primary is found under the ground. In every case, i have had to descend to at least the second level of caves, if not the third to find the primary resource.

Wolframite can only be found on two planets on the game, desolo and glacio.

But ive been searching desolo and i havent found a single deposit of wolframite anywhere. I read that it can be found on desolo but it doesnt say whether or not its underground or on the surface.

Be aware that it is only usable for a one way trip, so if you go to barren for the wolframite (tungsten), make 2 thrusters. It works, but ive been to barren and exotic so far and still havent found wolframite, and you cant haul anything beyond your backpack back in the early game.

The subreddit for astroneer, an interplanetary sandbox adventureexploration game developed by system era softworks. Build outposts, shape landscapes to your liking or discover long lost relics.

  wolframite, the base resource used to make tungsten in astroneer can be found on desolo, a nearby planet you can reach after researching and creating a shuttle. Follow the tech tree to reseach this item then use a large printer to create it.

It is the refined adaptation of wolframite, which can be found in the open. Nonetheless, wolframite wont spring up on your beginning planet. You must go to one of the planets moons, desolo, to discover it.

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Where can you find wolframite in astroneer

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